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Our Mission

Lead the revolution to empower the labor force with the skills needed to effectively navigate workplace relationships.

When a relationship has gone bad, and the leadership team has tried, in vain, to repair it, they are desperate for a miracle to improve the situation. When such a miracle is needed that is when people call us at 34th Street Consulting.

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Our History

Our consultants have been assisting organizations large and small for more than two decades. Since 1996 our founders have worked with City Managers, Executive Leadership teams, Presidents and Chancellors of Universities, as well as front line managers and supervisors to identify and remove dysfunctional wedges.  After spending several years as an employment law trial attorney (representing first plaintiffs and then defendants), Gerry Preciado, our President, realized that by the time his clients called him it was too late: the damage was too deep, relationships broken and the conflict too great.

Gerry spent several years developing an approach to leading and managing people while empowering them to positively navigate conflict and other workplace challenges before it became “too late” for them. The result is encapsulated in 34th Street’s proprietary approach, “The Wedge: A Simple Metaphor for Improving Every Relationship”

He has helped countless groups move from dysfunction and discord to productive and harmonious teams. We engage our clients in the wedge removal process to identify the conflict creating behaviors, the process for removing them, and preventing future wedges. For years we have been empowering teams to not only press forward with greater effectiveness, but to also assist others in the organization to do likewise.


Gerry Preciado

President & Principal Consultant, J.D.

The consulting team at 34th Street is led by visionary president, Gerry Preciado (author of The Wedge: A Simple Metaphor to Improve Every Relationship available Fall 2023). As the world's first "Professional Wedge Remover", Gerry is leading the revolution to empower the labor force with the skills necessary to navigate workplace relationships and create sustained positive change. Gerry Preciado has trained and consulted with thousands of public agency, private sector and university employees. His areas of expertise are leadership and organizational development, conflict resolution, and public agency governance.


Over the past 25 years Gerry also has been an in-demand keynote speaker nationwide. His presentations are engaging, educational and inspiring while providing real life application that always improves both workplace relationships and culture.


Mr. Preciado received both his Bachelor of Arts and Juris Doctor degrees from UCLA.


Jacob Houghton

Senior Consultant, M.Ed.

As a senior consultant for 34th Street Jacob Houghton brings a decade of experience to the team in Public Service and Educational Leadership. Jacob’s background as an Education Administrator has given him a broad range of experience managing relationships among staff, students, and parents while also interfacing with community agencies. Realizing that negative conflict can ripple out to impact so many in the community, Jacob wanted to do more to shift the culture surrounding conflict from dysfunction and despair to hope and growth. Thanks to his years as an Administrator, he is experienced in navigating the life of a public servant, working to connect with all stakeholders and providing the highest level of service at all times to community and colleagues. His professional training makes him adept at identifying the patterns of conflict and creating actionable strategies that teams can understand and buy into. His areas of expertise are public service leadership, conflict resolution, and employee coaching. 


Mr. Houghton has received a Bachelors of Science Degree in Psychology (BYU), Bachelors of Arts Degree in Spanish, Post Baccalaureate Degree in Education(UNC), and a Masters of Educational Leadership(Lamar), and is a certified 34th Street Wedge Remover.

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