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Private Sector

"We want to make your company culture work for everyone--especially you."

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"34th Street Consulting's approach in guiding staff to resolve conflicts is direct, open and honest, resulting in removing barriers and wedges

- Mara Saguisag-Sid

H.R. Director

City of Foster City

Our Process

1. We interview employees involved in the conflict.

2. Analyze the collected data and identify:

  • ​The behaviors driving the conflict

  • The individuals engaged in creating conflict

  • The individuals enabling the conflict creating behaviors

3. Provide solutions using the Wedge Removal Formula™-such as:

  • coaching

  • counseling

  • team building

  • equipping your team with our Human Interaction Tool Belt


Our solutions eliminate bullying, provide accountability, and create a culture where employees at all levels know they are valued and entitled to a workplace free of unprofessional conduct.

Relationships can be productive and rewarding again.

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