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University Leadership

University Leaders

Much of our wedge work has been done in the university setting. We understand that university leaders face the demands of running an organization that has the combined challenges of a city, school district, and large corporation. Even the most proficient and adept of teams can still be plagued by paralyzing conflict at any level. 

"Think of a conflict currently facing your campus, and we've not only dealt with it, but equipped the staff involved with skills to navigate the conflict and move towards sustained positive change."

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Our Process

1. We interview faculty members/staff involved in the conflict.

2. Analyze the collected data and identify:

  • ​The behaviors driving the conflict

  • The individuals engaged in creating conflict

  • The individuals enabling the conflict creating behaviors

3. Provide solutions using the Wedge Removal Formula™-such as:

  • coaching

  • counseling

  • team building

  • equipping your team with our Human Interaction Tool Belt


Our solutions eliminate bullying, provide accountability, and create a culture where faculty at all levels know they are valued and entitled to a workplace free of unprofessional conduct.

Relationships can be productive and rewarding again.

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