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Public Entities

Public Entity Leadership

City, district, and department leaders find themselves surrounded by talented department directors and staff, yet those same individuals struggle to effectively communicate with one another. At 34th Street, we have worked with cities across the country in just about every department from Administration to Waste Water. Every department experiences conflict. Within these groups we have seen and dealt with a lack of trust, low morale, and structural dysfunction. 

"The 34th Street Team has been instrumental in partnering with me to create positive workplace culture for the organizations I've worked for."

- Mara Saguisag-Sid

H.R. Director

City of Foster City

"Our team has worked with and trained thousands of public safety personnel, city leaders, and school administrators. We will empower you and your team to reduce the occurrence of conflict, align paradigms, and create a culture of inclusivity."


Do your employees feel equally valued?

Our Process

1. We interview faculty members/staff involved in the conflict.

2. Analyze the collected data and identify:

  • ​The behaviors driving the conflict

  • The individuals engaged in creating conflict

  • The individuals enabling the conflict creating behaviors

3. Provide solutions using the Wedge Removal Formula™-such as:

  • coaching

  • counseling

  • team building

  • equipping your team with our Human Interaction Tool Belt


Our solutions eliminate bullying, provide accountability, and create a culture where employees at all levels know they are valued and entitled to a workplace free of unprofessional conduct.

Relationships can be productive and rewarding again.

Check out our Training Curriculum for Public Entities

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