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We help municipal leaders navigate team conflicts, departmental culture, and leadership transitions. We do this through a two-prong approach: our dynamic trainings tailored to your needs coupled with our proprietary Wedge Removal Formula. Together we create sustained positive change for you and your teams.

Book a free consultation before March 31st and lock-in special rates only available to PARMA attendees.

WEDGE: Navigating Conflict

This is how Wedges happen everyday:​

  1. Every employee possesses a unique paradigm that causes them to think they are right in workplace situations.

  2. When paradigms collide at work the result is conflict.

  3. The byproduct of such conflict are wedges being driven into relationships often leading to team dissension and dysfunction.

  4. If left unaddressed the result is often increased turnover, litigation and/or financial loss.

Empowering you with the necessary skills to navigate workplace relationships through:

Download our Top 8 Wedges. See the most common reasons people call us.

Current Projects

City of 50,000

Work with City Council to improve governance effectiveness by helping them understand their role, the importance of not getting involved with city operations beyond policy adoption, and the value of working effectively on committees/board members on pools and special districts. 

Watch an exclusive sample of our training takeaway follow up videos below. These videos are an example of the supplemental resources we provide for our clients after a training has been completed to help them with ongoing coaching and support.

Gerry Preciado, President & Principal Consultant

Jacob Houghton, Senior Consultant

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